Trekking Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Trekking on Mount Rinjani is a very popular activity on Lombok. With 3726 m (12’224 ft) above sea level, Rinjani is the second highest peak in Indonesia. The most popular access is from either Senaru or Sembalun. Trekking times vary depending on the route and destination. Wikitravel has a good article about it. I’ve chosen the 3 day / 2 night trip witch takes you to two locations on the crater rim, to the hot springs at the crater lake as well as to the summit. It is the most popular option, however there are also shorter tours which only take you to the crater rim.

We were especially unlucky with the weather. It was raining almost every day, which is very uncommon for the dry season. However, the wet season was just around the corner, starting in December, when trekking is not feasible anymore. With ponchos and backpack rain covers we tried to keep everything dry along the route.

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia in the clouds. Looking down from the crater rim over the camp site near Senaru.
Mount Rinjani, Indonesia in the clouds. Looking down from the crater rim over the camp site near Senaru.

The route is not technically difficult but it requires endurance. 8h+ of hiking every day and the total altitude difference of almost 3000m is not easy. I enjoyed the little challenge. With a normal level of fitness and a bit of preparation, everybody can do it. Most difficult was the final accent to the summit. The volcanic gravel stones make you slip backwards on every step and the thin air slows you down on top of it. But I made it and luckily there was even a bit of sunshine on the top. This was very rewarding after all the cold and wet hours to get there. But watch the video yourself I recorded with the Phantom on top of the Rinjani. I guess this is a world premiere. 😀

Mount Rinjani crater lake on Lombok, Indonesia.
Mount Rinjani crater lake on Lombok, Indonesia.

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  1. Enjoyed your video! When are you going back to Lombok.
    Like to discuss you shooting another site there for me.



    1. Thanks you for your comment. Besides Rinjani, I’ve been flying around on the Gillis and in Semaru as. The videos are still uncut, but I hope to add them one day in the future. There are no plans for another visit at the moment tough. Are you living on Lombok or a frequent visitor?

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