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Build Log TBS Discovery Pro, Part 1

Let’s start! After Unboxing I gathered all the necessary resources such as:

  • The build Instructions (pdf) with the accompanying  build video from TBS
  • Soldering iron, screwdrivers, zip ties, loctite 222 (the purple one)

I’ve started with the gimbal assembly, a big puzzle with motors, screws and aluminum parts. The small screws are for the metal parts and some of the short bigger ones (from a separate bag) are for the gimbal motors. The small electronic board was a little bit too big, but after grinding the board on two ends by fractions of a millimeter it fit snugly into the holder. Two tiny little grub screws are used to hold the tilt motor. One is not enough as I had to find out. The cables are attached with zip ties, which have to be attached exactly how the video shows. Otherwise the ends of the zip-ties collided with other parts, preventing the gimbal from turning freely. For the time being I chose the standard red and orange damper configuration. However, this might change as the dampers need to be fine tuned. There are reports of vibrations with the standard setup. All orange seems to be a good option too. I will have to test this out. [Update] The roll axis on my build is 180 degrees wrong and should be flipped around. While the GoPro cage is upright, the dampers are upside down. They should be forward on top and backward on the bottom for a push/pull configuration. [/Update]

Fully assembled gimbal from the front.
Fully assembled gimbal from the front.

Next, I put the gimbal to the side and started with the frame by soldering the ESCs and the battery connector.  I started out with a very fine soldering tip but this did not work and I had to mount a fatter soldering tip which could deliver enough heat. This was fairly easy. And I completed the work on the bottom plate with gluing the Naza flight controller with a 3M patch.

Disco Pro ground plate with Naza Light in the center and the dji power unit on the bottom
Disco Pro ground plate with Naza Light in the center and the dji power unit on the bottom

Last step of the today was assembling the Tiger 900kv motors. I removed all the screws on the prop holders and mounted them with loctite to the top of the motors. Then I found out that short silver screws and the cross piece in the package are not used. Instead the motors are directly bolted onto the arms with screws out of one of the bags. The quality of theses screws however gave me headaches. None of my standard screwdrivers had a tight fit. Finally, I used a hex key to tighten the screws on the arms. I did not use loctite for now, as the arms are plastic. But if they come loose I might have to reconsider this.

That’s all for the first part of my build log of the TBS Discovery Pro. So far I am positively surprised about how everything is designed (minus the screws). The official build video is sometimes a bit too fast and I needed to rewind it many many times. Stay tuned for the next part of the build!

Check out the image gallery of the whole build. Or move on the part2, part3 or my 2nd build.

Unboxing the TBS discovery PRO

Today, my brand new discovery PRO quadcopter arrived. Hurray! It looks awesome. But have a look yourself!

The TBS Discovery PRO, how it arrived in the box. Plus googles, arms, Naza, etc.
The TBS Discovery PRO, how it arrived in the box. Plus googles, arms, Naza, etc.

Besides the actual frame kit in the big top left box, I also added goggles, the Naza Light flight controller, arms, props and a 5.8 GHz video link. I’m really blown away by all the beauty. Let’s start the build and get everything assembled and configured!

A sneak peek into the boxes with all the nice little parts. Now the puzzle begins...
A sneak peek into the boxes with all the nice little parts. Now the puzzle begins…

Shortening the wait for the TBS DISCOVERY PRO

As you might know I am currently waiting for a new copter to arrive. Even though the Phantom is a lot of fun to fly, the new DISCOVERY PRO is going to be the new big thing. It will not only feature full first-person view capabilities but also an integrated camera gimbal. In order to shorten my wait, here a hilarious unboxing video of a lucky new owner.

This new frame from team blacksheep was released in summer 2013. It improves over their previous model by integrating a two axis gimbal into the frame together with the electronics for video switching, power and gimbal PID control. The frame can be ordered as a kit including propellor motors, ESCs, dji flamewheel arms, a NAZA flight controller and the wireless video transmitter.

As of today the second batch of frames is being shipped to customers. Given the order numbers posted at, they must be shipping several thousands of these frames at the moment. In order to motivate his packing crew, TBS posted this comment about the video:

Quote by Trappy  from TBS:

very funny unboxing video, really well done. I’m going to show this to the lads tomorrow morning, so they know how and where their boxes are being opened

Let’s hope mine is arriving soon, so that I can show you some more nice videos.