Shortening the wait for the TBS DISCOVERY PRO

As you might know I am currently waiting for a new copter to arrive. Even though the Phantom is a lot of fun to fly, the new DISCOVERY PRO is going to be the new big thing. It will not only feature full first-person view capabilities but also an integrated camera gimbal. In order to shorten my wait, here a hilarious unboxing video of a lucky new owner.

This new frame from team blacksheep was released in summer 2013. It improves over their previous model by integrating a two axis gimbal into the frame together with the electronics for video switching, power and gimbal PID control. The frame can be ordered as a kit including propellor motors, ESCs, dji flamewheel arms, a NAZA flight controller and the wireless video transmitter.

As of today the second batch of frames is being shipped to customers. Given the order numbers posted at, they must be shipping several thousands of these frames at the moment. In order to motivate his packing crew, TBS posted this comment about the video:

Quote by Trappy  from TBS:

very funny unboxing video, really well done. I’m going to show this to the lads tomorrow morning, so they know how and where their boxes are being opened

Let’s hope mine is arriving soon, so that I can show you some more nice videos.


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