About FPVblog

The FPV blog is all about quadcopters, aerial photography & filming, RC tech and first-person-view (FPV) racing. The blog is run by Crashpilot plus a handfull of guest authors, all with their own expertise publishing genuine, novel, stories, news and guides.

Editor in Chief:

  • Crashpilot started the blog in 2013. He is a software engineer with EE background who also worked as a videographer in the past. He lives in Zürich, Switzerland and publishes his videos on vimeo.

Guest authors:

  • Alastair Baker is a dedicated drone enthusiast from Iowa, USA. He works for SirDrones.com a specialized drone dealership headquartered in Sioux City run by a handful of experts where he helps customers to find the right drone for their needs (e.g. agricultural drones). He follows the FAA rules closely due to his professional and private interest into the hobby.
  • Martin Soto knows everithing about FVP and compares drone modes on his own blog: rcjudge.com

Welcome to the FPVblog! A blog for everybody who is new to FPV, quadcopters and aerial imagery and wants to catch up.

Please contact us if you think something is missing on the blog, have feedback or just want so say hi. Guest authors welcome.


2 thoughts on “About FPVblog”

  1. Hello, I also live in Switzerland, and was googling for “FPV Switzerland, found your blog and am having a good read.

    Would love to get a TBS discovery, but wanted to ask where did you buy yours? Did you work out that the best way is to buy here?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Mal,

      I’ve bought most stuff directly from TBS in HongKong because they had all the parts in stock. Importing from HongKong is simple and mostly cheaper including the MWSt.
      There are also many shops in Switzerland. I bought a few small parts here. But they usually don’t have everything in stock.

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