Crash pilots hitting the trees

In a dark, dark wood there sat three dark, dark men;
And the dark, dark men were wearing dark, dark googles;
But the dark, dark googles had NO dark, dark screens;
Because on the bright, bright screens there were…… drones!

Finally, FPV racing comes to the FPVblog. After owning a Gemini for almost a year I finally got to use it as a FPV racer. With all my experience in filming I felt ready to take on a new challenge as a race pilot. And so I joined a local event named “Crash pilots hitting the trees”, literally.

Some pilots took the motto too literaly and landed their coopter on a tree.
Some pilots took the motto too literaly and landed their copter on a tree.

For me the marked track turned out to be an obstacle course instead of a race lap. Crashing and the constant adrenaline rush is part of the fun and almost inevitable given the narrow trees. Luckily, only propellors were damaged and all the drones survived the dark dark wood, ready for more races another day. It was great fun. Thanks to the organizers!

Crash pilots hard at work.
Crash pilots hard at work.

4 thoughts on “Crash pilots hitting the trees”

  1. This is so epic! I had a VR headset and wanted to put it to serious use. So I rented a drone off Fat Lama and boy did I have a mental time. I didn’t quite do it in a forest, but in open air it’s just as mad. Gotta try it out folks…

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