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Video: Leistkamm

Hiking in Switzerland is great, but it’s even more fun if you bring you quadcopter! Enjoy this great video that I recorded along the hike from Arvenbühl up to the Leistkamm. Music Credits: Phase IV (lo-fi is sci-fi) / CC BY 3.0

For filming I used my stock Phantom quadcopter with a GoPro Hero3. The hike itself starts in Arvenbüel (1273 m) and takes about 2h40 to climb up to  Leistkamm (2101 m) and another 2h to get down again. The view along the hike is very rewarding, especially on top where you are standing on a small rim. To the west is Lake Walensee, to the south you are looking along the Churfisten rim, of which Leistkamm is the most Northern one.
Phantom and backpack  on top of Leistkamm in Switzerland.
Phantom and backpack on top of Leistkamm in Switzerland.
During the hike, I strapped the Phantom outside onto my backpack. Batteries and remote went inside. All in all it’s still pretty light and I can definitely recommend taking the Phantom with you all the time! So, stay tuned for more great videos from